what do estate lawyers do

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An estate lawyer is a bar certified attorney who specializes inestate planning and assists clients in drafting and implementing legal documents, including wills and trusts. Estate law is closely related to family law, since lawyers often must work with related individuals who are involved with an estate.

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  • What does an estate planning attorney do?

  • An estate planning attorney is a bar-certified attorney who focuses his or her practice on assisting clients in preparing for their eventual death or even potential incapacity. The attorney will need a basic legal background and license to practice law in their state, but an attorney who focuses his or her practice on estate planning.

  • Why do lawyers practice estate law?

  • Practicing estate law may allow a lawyer to sustain a solo practice or work as part of a large firm. Estate law may provide flexibility for an attorney to establish a lifestyle and a legal practice that suits their needs. Helping clients plan for the present and the future Estate law is a mixture of transactional law and litigation.

  • What does a real estate attorney do?

  • Real estate attorneys are lawyers who specialize in real estate transactions including facilitating home sales, representing clients in property disputes and other litigation, and conducting investigations regarding a property liabilities and compliance. 1

  • What does a probate lawyer do?

  • A probate lawyer is a state licensed attorney who works with the executors and the beneficiaries of an estate to settle the affairs of the decedent. In some instances, probate can be avoided if all the decedent assets have been placed in a trust. A trust can ensure a smooth transfer of property outside of court and legal proceedings.

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