what do real estate attorneys do

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Key TakeawaysA real estate attorney prepares or reviews all of the documents that are signed at the closing of a real estate purchase.The attorney is then present at the closing to represent the buyer’s (or the seller’s) interests.Real estate law is a matter for state and local jurisdictions.

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  • What does a residential real estate attorney do?

  • A residential real estate attorney handles matters related to single-family and multi-family homes. Some real estate lawyers handle transactions involving all types of real property. Other real estate law firms may focus on issues related to real estate taxes or setting up real estate LLCs.

  • What is real estate law and how does it work?

  • Real estate law covers deeds, property taxes, estate planning, zoning, and titles. Real estate laws vary by state and local government. Attorneys must be licensed to practice in the state where the transaction is taking place, and must stay abreast of any state or local developments that could impact a transaction. 2

  • What does a real estate attorney do at closing?

  • A real estate attorney is equipped to prepare and review documents relating to purchase agreements, mortgage documents, title documents, and transfer documents. A real estate attorney hired to handle a transaction will always attend the closing with the buyer. Closing is when the money is paid and the title is transferred.

  • Can a real estate attorney represent a buyer and seller?

  • Real estate lawyers represent buyers, sellers, realtors, lenders, landowners, brokers, home builders, residential and commercial developers, investment managers, and many others. However, an attorney can only represent one party to a real estate transaction. Representing multiple parties could create a conflict of interest.

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