what does apn stand for in real estate

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Assessor parcel number

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  • What is an APN number in real estate?

  • Real Estate and APN Numbers. An assessor’s parcel number, often called an APN number, is a numeric code that identifies a property within a particular jurisdiction, such as a county or city.

  • What is APN on a deed?

  • What Is APN on a Deed? A deed is a document that is used to transfer real estate ownership or other rights relating to real estate. One of the key parts of a deed is a description of the real estate that it refers to.

  • What is an APN and why do I need It?

  • Once you have the APN, it’s often useful to search for other land records online and offline. For instance, land recording offices might let you use the APN to search online for deeds, mortgages and other information about a property.

  • What is an assessor Parcel Number (APN)?

  • What is an Assessor Parcel Number (APN)? An Assessor Parcel Number (APN) is a unique number assigned to each parcel of land by a county tax assessor. The APN is based on formatting codes depending on the home’s location.

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