what does dom mean in real estate

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Days on Market

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  • What does Dom mean when buying a house?

  • The short answer is: DOM stands for Days on Market and indicates the number of days a property has been on the market for sale. Having said that, looking at days on market at face value will not always tell the whole story of a home for sale.

  • Is it easier to sell a house with less Dom?

  • Great point, that fewer DOM is easier on the seller because it means fewer maintenance expenses. This is especially true if the home is an estate sale or some other situation where the house is sitting vacant, with trustees having to pay service providers for upkeep.

  • What are the terms of buying a house?

  • General real estate terms 1 As-is 2 Buyer agent/listing agent 3 Closing 4 Closing costs 5 Days on market (DOM) 6 Due diligence 7 Escrow holder 8 Homeowner association (HOA) 9 iBuyer 10 Multiple listing service (MLS) More items…

  • What is the abbreviation for real estate?

  • Real Estate Abbreviations. A helpful list of the most commonly used real estate, land and property abbreviations used in most real estate related industries. Property Listing Abbreviations: AC or A/C ?Air conditioning. AEK ?All electric kitchen. APPLS ?Appliances. BA ?Bathroom. BR ?Bedroom.

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