what does nnn mean in real estate

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渢riple net lease

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  • What does nnnn stand for in real estate?

  • In real estate, NNN is an abbreviation for the phrase triple net lease. At its core, a triple net lease is a type of commercial lease structure that contains a provision saying that the lessee is responsible for covering certain costs associated with operating the property in addition to paying their base rent.

  • What is a triple net lease (NNN)?

  • With atriple netlease (NNN), the tenant agrees to pay the property expenses such as real estate taxes, building insurance, and maintenance in addition to rent and utilities. Triple net leases are commonly found in commercial real estate.

  • How much does it cost to rent a house at NNN?

  • The total yearly rent you would pay equals $40 sf per year. So if you are leasing 3,000 sf then your yearly rent would be $120,000 or $10,000 per month. Have Questions About NNN Leases?

  • How do you calculate NNN in a lease?

  • Example of Calculating Monthly Rent in a NNN Lease Let’s say an office building has a quoted rate of $30 NNN. This means that the rent is $30 per square foot per year PLUS the NNN. The estimated operating expenses (aka NNN) are $10 per square foot per year.

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