what does sf mean in real estate

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Single Family Residential

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  • What is the abbreviation for SF in real estate?

  • Rating. A-Z. Short first. Long first. SF Real Estate Abbreviation. 6. SF. Square Feet + 1 variant. HVAC, Rental, Housing.

  • What is RSF in commercial real estate?

  • As a tenant in a commercial space, you pay for a portion of the shared space and thus your monthly rent is always calculated on RSF. The increase in the the rentable square footage above your usable square footage is referred to variously as the 渓oad factor,?ommon area factor,?or 渁dd-on factor.?/div>Difference Between Rentable Square Feet versus Usable

  • What does $/SF/year mean in commercial leasing?

  • In the commercial leasing industry, $/SF/year or $/SF/yr means the rent per square foot per year. Why is this important? This is because most commercial rental rates are usually quoted in dollars per square foot on an annual basis.

  • Do Realtors use abbreviations in their listings?

  • Usually, the realtor’s website will give a good description without the real estate abbreviations. There are many abbreviations used in real estate, but the following list includes the more common ones you檝e probably heard before.

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