what does tr stand for in real estate

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Trustee or trustees

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  • What does tr stand for?

  • What does TR stand for? Rank Abbr. Meaning TR Turkey TR Technical Report TR Table Row TR Trip Report 81 more rows …

  • Do Realtors use abbreviations in their listings?

  • Usually, the realtor’s website will give a good description without the real estate abbreviations. There are many abbreviations used in real estate, but the following list includes the more common ones you檝e probably heard before.

  • What is the abbreviation of real estate in the Philippines?

  • Real Estate Acronyms commonly used in the Philippines. AP ?Asking price. APT ?Apartment. ARV ?After Repair Value. ATS ?Authority to Sell. AV ?Appraised Value. BIR ?Bureau of Internal Revenue. BLLM ?Bureau of Lands Location Monument. BR ?Bedroom. BSMT ?Basement. CAR ?Certificate Authorizing Registration. CCR ?Cash on Cash Return

  • What does FDR stand for in real estate?

  • FDR: Formal dining room. Fixture: Anything of value that is permanently attached to or a part of real property. Fixtures include wall-to-wall carpeting, light fixtures, window coverings and landscaping. Fixtures are a frequent subject of buyer and seller disputes. FSBO: For sale by owner. Frplc, fplc, FP: Fireplace. Gar: Garage. Gard: Garden.

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