what happened to nina simone’s estate

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  • Did Harris Harris take away Nina Simone estate?

  • She shared another lengthy thread explaining the situation after she tweeted on June 19 that Harris took away her family’s rights to the Nina Simone estate and allegedly bullied her mother in court.

  • Did Nina Simone’s daughter steal her mom’s estate to fund schools?

  • The daughter of the late legendary jazz singer Nina Simone fleeced her mom’s Estate and FLAGRANTLY ignored Nina’s last wish — to fund schools for poor kids in Africa … this according to law enforcement.

  • Is Nina Simone estate in France?

  • She went on to explain that the Nina Simone estate is a French estate and that the family was told by U.S. judges to go and claim heirship in France.

  • What happened to réanna Simone’s estate?

  • RAnna Simone Kelly blamed Harris for taking away Simone’s estate from the family. Harris oversaw a case in which Simone’s daughter allegedly breached her fiduciary duty to the estate, The Daily Beast reported. Over 3 Million people read Morning Brew, you should too.

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