what happens when real estate crashes

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When a housing market crashes,that usually means that thenumber of home buyers decreases.

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  • Will there be a real estate market crash?

  • Many people assume there will be a crash just as bad or worse than the last crash we had about 10 years ago. Since the markets are obviously going to crash, they reason, they will wait to buy real estate until prices plummet.

  • Why does the housing market crash?

  • There are many reasons for this, including legislative changes regarding lending practices. What we refer to as crashes are sometimes truly that. But more often, they represent a cooling of the market and a pushback on home prices. History shows that the housing market peaks about every 18 years, followed by a crash (small or large).

  • Is the real estate market in a bubble?

  • A market boom in real estate will result in home prices skyrocketing. The scarcity of affordable housing across the country is always a sign that the market is in a bubble. Is the market going to crash?

  • Why do real estate prices go up?

  • Real estate is a free market; the law of demand and supply applies unconditionally. When the demand for housing increases, subsequently, home prices go up. Usually, the supply of homes takes time to match the rising population of young Millenials who are seeking first-time home buying.

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