what is a counter offer in real estate

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A real estate counter offer iswhen a buyer or a seller makes a secondary offer in response to an initial offer. When do I make a counter offer as a seller? You might make a counter offer as a seller if your buyer offers too little money for your home and you’re motivated to work with that buyer rather than find a new one.

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  • What is a counteroffer in a real estate transaction?

  • Updated November 01, 2018. A real estate counteroffer is generated by a home seller after a buyer has submitted an offer to purchase and the offer includes terms that aren’t agreeable. Typically, a counteroffer states that the seller has accepted the buyer’s offer subject to one or more changes.

  • Can a seller make a counter offer on a house?

  • Sellers can make counteroffers for other reasons, too, such as changing the closing date or for contingency periods. Sellers will typically go about communicating the terms of the counteroffer through their agents and may also put an expiration on the counteroffer to speed along the home sale process.

  • What is a counter offer on a washing machine?

  • Counteroffer No. 1 (from the seller to buyer): Seller makes a counteroffer, asking bumping the sales price up to $412,000. They also agree to include the washer and dryer without warranty. Buyer Counteroffer No. 1 (to seller): Buyer counters sales price to $405,000. They agree to the inclusion of the washer and dryer without warranty.

  • What happens if the seller withdraws a counter offer?

  • The seller will typically withdraw the counteroffer if this happens. What commonly occurs in these situations is that the seller accepts the second buyer’s offer then simply withdraws her counteroffer from consideration, kicking the first buyer out of the game.

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