what is a datum in real estate

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Artificial horizontal plane of elevation

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  • Where do you use datum in real estate?

  • In today real estate world, the most common use of a datum is found in a metes and bounds legal description of a property. Such a legal description might include 溾€eginning at the intersection of the eastern boundary of the Columbia River and the southwesterly corner of the State of Oregon︹€?

  • What is a datum in geodesy?

  • Geodesists and surveyors use datums to create starting or reference points for floodplain maps, property boundaries, construction surveys, levee design, or other work requiring accurate coordinates that are consistent with one another. There are two main datums in the United States.

  • What is a datdatum in geodetics?

  • Datums are the basis for all geodetic survey work. Near coastal areas, mean sea level (and other tidal datums) is determined by analyzing observations from a tide gauge.

  • How accurate is a geodetic datum?

  • When it is completed, users will be able to get accurate heights to within about an inch for most locations around the nation. A geodetic datum is an abstract coordinate system with a reference surface (such as sea level) that serves to provide known locations to begin surveys and create maps.

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