what is a fair commission for a real estate agent

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  • What is a fair real estate commission rate?

  • A fair real estate commission rate is whatever it typically costs to find a great local agent who offers full service, including hands-on support throughout your home sale or purchase.

  • How much Commission do Realtors get paid?

  • We found that depending on what region you live in, commission splits could range from 49.1-50.9% to 52-48% for the listing and buyer’s agent respectively. Who pays realtor fees? Home sellers pay real estate fees for both their own agent, and the agent representing the home buyer. Why would home sellers pay for the buyer’s agent?

  • What is a reasonable real estate commission to sell a house?

  • According to MSN Money, national averages for real estate commissions have fallen from 6 percent to 5.1 as of May 2011. Consequently, in the case of a home sale of a normal single-family residence, a commission of 5.1 to 6 percent would be reasonable.

  • What is a buyer’s agent commission?

  • Buyer’s agent commission is a marketing cost for your home Almost all buyers ?nearly 90% ?work with an agent to help them buy a home. [1] These agents are more interested in showing homes to their clients that offer a competitive buyer’s agent commission. The buyer actually is paying for this cost, because it’s baked into the sale price

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