what is a freehold estate

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Life estate

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  • What is a freehold property?

  • Freehold is the complete ownership of a piece of land and that which is built upon it ?the owner 榟olds?it 榝reely? When buying a freehold property you are completely in charge of the building, what happens to it, how it used and it is your responsibility for any repairs or upkeep.

  • When was the first freehold estate created?

  • Two significant historical developments were instrumental in the creation of this type of freehold estate. The first was recognition by the court of the fee simple conditional, and the second was the passing of the Statute De Donis Conditionalibus, commonly known as the Statute De Donis, in 1285 by Parliament.

  • What is estate less than freehold?

  • An estate less than freehold is an estate which is not in fee, nor for life; for although a man has a lease for a thousand years, which is much longer than any life, yet it is not a freehold, but a mere estate for years, which is a chattel interest. Estates less than freehold are estates for years, estates at will, and estates at sufferance.

  • What is the difference between leasehold and freehold land?

  • Freehold land is easy to sell, as the ownership lies with the actual owner. Freehold land is costlier than leasehold land. Bank loan and refinancing is easier for freehold land. For freehold land you may need to pay more down payment for blocking the unit.

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