what is a lender in real estate

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In real estate,a lender is most often thebank that provides the mortgage so that the buyer can purchase the house. The meaning of a lender is someone who gives money to help another person make an acquisition. The borrower doesn have the money,so he appeals to the lender,and together they enter into a contract.

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  • What is a lender?

  • A lender can be a private individual, a private or public group, or an institution that loans funds to a person or business that the lendee would later repay with interest in most cases. In real estate, a lender is most often the bank that provides the mortgage so that the buyer can purchase the house.

  • Who and what is a hard money lender?

  • Back to the question of who and what a hard money lender is: 淚t synonymous with a private investor,?says Don Hensel, president of North Coast Financial, which specializes in hard money loans. 淎 lender could be an individual, a group of investors, or a licensed mortgage broker who uses his own funds.

  • What is a real estate binder?

  • A real estate binder refers to an informal agreement between buyer and seller to indicate strong interest in a property transaction. The mortgage binder often involves putting a down payment known as earnest money, though a down payment is not required on all real estate binders.

  • Can a real estate investor get a short-term loan?

  • If the real estate investor doesn have the money on hand to snag the asset, a loan that short-term can be fast-tracked by a hard loan lender, who is, in effect, a real estate investor as well.

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