what is a psa in real estate

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Purchase and sale agreement

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  • What is a purchase and sale agreement (PSA)?

  • The purchase and sale agreement is the document made after both buyer and seller agree to price and terms on the sale of a property. The PSA details everything you need to know about the sale including:

  • What is a public service agreement (PSA)?

  • PSAs can vary by state but they typically consist of the final sale price, earnest money details, closing date, title information, and contingencies agreed upon by the buyer and seller. Additionally, other details will be outlined in the agreement regarding timelines and anything else the buyer/seller requests.

  • What is the PSA (pricing strategy advisor) certification?

  • Designed for real estate professionals at all experience levels and those working with either buyers or sellers, the National Association of REALTORS PSA (Pricing Strategy Advisor) certification provides a framework for understanding: How to identify appropriate comparables, and where to find information about them

  • What are the conditions of a PSA?

  • 5) Title condition: The PSA will include an agreement that the seller will provide a clear or marketable title of ownership to the buyer. 6) Contingencies: Contingencies are conditions that must be met in order for the home purchase to be completed. If one of these contingencies is not met, the sale may be canceled by the buyer or seller.

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