what is a real estate agent

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Helps clients buy and sell property

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  • What does a real estate agent do?

  • A real estate agent is a licensed professional who represents buyers or sellers in real estate transactions. A real estate agent usually works on commission, being paid a percentage of the property sale price. In most states, a real estate agent must work through a real estate broker, a firm, or fellow professional with more experience …

  • What is a a realtor and what does it mean?

  • A Realtor is a licensed real estate agent who is also a member of the National Association of Realtors. NAR is the largest trade association in the U.S., so many real estate agents are Realtors.

  • What does a realtor do at a law firm?

  • This person oversees all licensed real estate agents at the firm and ensures that agents are operating in compliance with state and national real estate law. Consequently, this person is in charge of reviewing all real estate contracts.

  • What does it mean to be an active real estate agent?

  • For the license to be active, an agent must be actively employed by a real estate broker or brokerage. The real estate agent definition is 渁 person who sells and rents out buildings and land for clients.?Real estate agents work in many different areas of the industry, from apartment leasing to commercial properties and time-share sales.

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