what is a real estate brokerage

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A real estate brokerage is afirm where a broker, agents and assistants work. The supervising broker is responsible for all of the associate brokers and agents working at the firm, as well as any unlicensed personnel.

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  • What is a real estate broker?

  • The answer to 淲hat is a real estate brokerage??also depends on the state. The rules on real estate broker license can vary. In New Mexico and Colorado, for example, all real estate professionals are licensed as brokers. However, to hire other brokers or agents, you must apply for a higher-level license.

  • What is a transactional real estate broker?

  • You are selling a property, and a buyer contacts you to show the property. You are working for both the buyer and the seller. Two brokers or agents from the same real estate brokerage represent the buyer and seller, respectively. When a state does not allow dual agency, the real estate broker works as a transactional broker.

  • Can a real estate agent own a brokerage firm?

  • Yes, a real estate agent can own a brokerage firm. Who makes more money a real estate agent or broker? A broker and an agent are the same. Was this article useful?

  • Is it 渢he broker or the broker?

  • As a quick reference, they檒l say 渢he broker?(or agents will use 渕y broker? for ease. But a real estate broker isn always a brokerage firm, and for non-real estate professionals, it can get confusing ?fast.

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