what is a real estate crm

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Customer relationship management

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  • What is a real estate CRM and do you need one?

  • In short, a realtor CRM helps real estate agents to efficiently and effectively manage their sale process and provide personalized client service ?all the while helping them save time. Do Real Estate Agents need CRM?

  • What is propertybase CRM?

  • A real estate CRM built on the Salesforce platform. Propertybase encompasses lead and contact management, reporting features, listing management, and automation and workflow tools.

  • What is a CRM and how does it work?

  • The CRM encompasses contact management, customer service, work orders, opportunity management, case resolution, lead generation, contracts, sales planning, territory management, and visibility on competitors. Run targeted campaigns to different personas and engage client segments with newsletters, or notify them of new properties available.

  • What is a mobile app for real estate CRM?

  • A mobile app for Android/iOS comes standard these days for any real estate CRM. So when you檙e out showing properties, sitting in your car, or out to lunch, you can still gain immediate access to customers, deals, and key information via a mobile device.

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