what is a small estate affidavit

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Affidavit for collection of personal property

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  • What is a small estate affidavit used for in Illinois?

  • What is a Small Estate Affidavit? 1 Benefits of a Small Estate Affidavit. A small estate affidavit is used to transfer assets in an estate to heirs without going through the lengthy and expensive probate process. 2 Requirements for a Small Estate Affidavit. … 3 Get Assistance With an Illinois Probate or Trust Administration Matter. …

  • How do I fill out a small estate affidavit?

  • A guide to the small estate affidavit process 1 Fill out the form. The small estate affidavit form requires basic information: names and addresses of the decedent and… 2 Attach necessary documents. 3 File the affidavit with the court, if necessary. What happens next in the affidavit process depends on the procedures in… More …

  • Why do I need a lawyer for a small estate affidavit?

  • Your lawyer can also answer any specific questions you may have about a small estate affidavit and can help you file a claim should any disputes arise in connection with your affidavit (e.g., if a property owner refuses to transfer certain assets or property).

  • What assets are eligible for transfer under a small estate affidavit?

  • In contrast, some common non-probate assets that may be eligible for transfer under a small estate affidavit include trust assets, retirement benefits, life insurance, jointly owned properties, and assets held in a payable on death bank account.

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