what is a variance in real estate

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Variance real estate is awaiver for a zoning regulation,granted on a case-by-case basis for specific requests. Once a zoning variance is granted,it runs with the land. It means that,if a requested real estate variance is granted,it will stay in place,even if the property changes hands.

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  • What is variance in commercial real estate?

  • – Commercial Real Estate Dictionary What is variance? What types of variance are there? What is area variance? What is use variance? What is variance? In real estate, a variance is an official exception/dispensation from a rule or regulation.

  • Why do I need a zoning variance in real estate?

  • Why Do I Need a Variance in Real Estate? 1 Non-Conforming Structure. A non-conforming structure once was within zoning laws, but now is not. … 2 Setback. A setback refers to the distance a structure is from the property line, and you need a variance if that building is too close. 3 Difference Between Area and Use. …

  • What is the process of getting a variance for a property?

  • As with most bureaucratic endeavors, local rules will vary from municipality to municipality, but generally, the process of getting a variance begins with a variance letter. This can be written by you as the property owner or by your attorney.

  • What is an area variance?

  • Area variance is an authorization to use the land in a way that is not allowed or severely hindered by dimensional and/or physical requirements of the zoning regulations in place. Area variances are more common and more easily approved.

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