what is an opportunity zone in real estate

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A real estate opportunity zone is anarea with certain tax cuts. There are tax cuts because these areas need an incentive for further growth. Due to this, the program affords serious benefits to smart investors who can take action.

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  • What is the Opportunity Zone program in real estate?

  • The Opportunity Zone program offers a set of capital gains tax incentives and other advantages that have the power to transform the real estate investment industry. We advise property investors to understand tax reforms and choose a qualified Opportunity Fund when going for this investment strategy.

  • How many Opportunity Zones are in the US?

  • Since the passing of the law, there are now more than 8,700 designated Opportunity Zones in all 50 states and US territories. The purpose of the Opportunity Zones program is to spur economic development and create jobs in these distressed communities by providing tax benefits to real estate investors.

  • How does the opportunity zone process work?

  • This is how the process goes. After selling an investment property for profits, a real estate investor will have 180 days to re-invest in an Opportunity Zone to defer paying capital gain tax on these profits. He/she can re-invest through buying shares in the Opportunity Fund or even distribute the money across a number of funds.

  • What are the tax incentives for investing in Opportunity Zones?

  • In order to encourage investment in Qualified Opportunity Zones, real estate investors are offered tax incentives, specifically capital gains tax incentives. There are three main tax benefits for Opportunity Zone real estate investments.

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