what is appurtenant in real estate

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Immovable or fixed to the land

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  • What is appurtenance in real estate?

  • Appurtenance in real estate refers to something permanent on the surface or underground of a piece of property, such as an in-ground pool or oil, for example. Explore what appurtenance is in real estate and learn how it relates to property rights and easement, with examples of what is and isn’t considered an appurtenance. Updated: 01/11/2022

  • What is an appurtenant fixture?

  • A fixture is incorporated into the property or land, and removing the fixture would cause damage to the property, therefore it remains with the property if the property is sold or transferred, making it appurtenant. When property is not connected to a piece of real property, it is known as personal property, or hattel property.?/div>Appurtenant – Definition, Examples

  • What is a physical appurtenance?

  • In real estate, a physical appurtenance is something attached to a property that is of lesser value than the property itself. One example is a shed on a property holding a single family home.

  • What is an appurtenance attachment?

  • Such attachments can also be things that are intangible in nature, such as easements. An easement gives someone else the legal right of enjoyment and is attached to a property in the same way that something physical like a well is. For example, a driveway easement is an appurtenance. When the property is sold, the easement goes with it.

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