what is arv in real estate

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After Repair Value

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  • What is the ARV of a property?

  • The ARV is not as much a book value of a property as it is an educated estimate of a property’s current value. Real estate investors generally have an informed opinion of the houses they are purchasing or repairing, and what they could be worth over time, or when repairs are complete.

  • What is the ARV formula for appraisals?

  • The ARV formula that the appraiser will use is quite simple. They use the purchase price and then they add the added value as previously described. The 70% rule is a guideline in the real estate investing business that states no bid price at the beginning of a project should exceed 70% of the ARV minus estimated repair costs.

  • What is ARV (After repair value)?

  • After Repair Value (ARV) is the property value after a property has been repaired, improved, or renovated. The formula to calculate the ARV is the property initial value plus the value of renovations. For example, if a property initial value upon purchase was $100,000, and an investor spent $20,000 worth of renovations, the ARV is $120,000.

  • Can I make an offer on a property with a high ARV?

  • Properties with a relatively high ARV may also require some adjustments when looking at the 70% rule. When it comes to high-value properties, investors may not be able to make offers that align with the formula. For example, if a property has a market value of $600,000, repairs will cost $75,000, and the ARV is $800,000.

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