what is circle prospecting in real estate

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Real estate lead generation strategy

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  • What is circle prospecting and how does it work?

  • Although circle prospecting is a lot like farming, only on steroids, many agents use geographical farm methods. In other words, they buy a list from a company or get a list from the title company of homeowners within a certain radius.

  • What are the common mistakes new agents make when circle prospecting?

  • A common mistake that new agents make when circle prospecting is making their circle too large. They think if reaching 50 homes is good, then reaching 200 homes will be better. In reality, this strategy will be more costly, more time-consuming, and will likely get you worse results. The reason why is simple.

  • Is the prospecting method still relevant?

  • With other types of prospecting, there is so much competition. When you call expired listings, for example, much of the time many other agents are also calling the same listings. The prospecting method still works, but you have way more competition. It is the same way with FSBO (For Sale By Owner).

  • How do I circle prospect phone numbers?

  • Find a service that will get you the phone numbers of neighborhoods you want to circle prospect. Decide whether or not you are going to use an auto dialer. Check out my auto dialer blog post to find out why you should use one and which ones I recommend.

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