what is cma in real estate

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Comparative market analysis

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  • What is a CMA report in real estate?

  • Real estate agents and brokers create CMA reports to help sellers set listing prices for their homes and, less commonly, to help buyers make competitive offers. 1 Individuals can perform their own comparative market analysis by researching comparable properties (known as comps) on real estate listing sites, such as realtor.com .

  • What is ACA CMA?

  • A CMA stands for comparative market analysis. The purpose of the comparative market analysis is to assess properties of liking kind nature in like in kind areas within relevant proximity. There are three main things that are looked at in a comparative market analysis.

  • What is a comparative market analysis (CMA)?

  • A comparative market analysis, commonly abbreviated as CMA, is a report prepared by a real estate agent to help a client determine the value of a home. The report analyzes three or more recently sold properties similar to the home in question, usually chosen based on their similarities in size, location, age and quality.

  • What is included in a CMA analysis?

  • The analysis considers the location, age, size, construction, style, condition, and other factors for the subject property and comparables. If you’re a buyer or seller interested in a CMA for a specific property, ask a local real estate agent or broker for help, or do your own research by comparing homes online.

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