what is cma in real estate

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Comparative market analysis

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  • What is included in a real estate CMA?

  • What included in a real estate CMA? CMAs should include descriptions and data points for the comparable properties (called omps?for short) that help inform the fair market value of the home being evaluated. The most accurate comparable homes are typically sold within the past three to six months.

  • What is ACA CMA?

  • A CMA stands for comparative market analysis. The purpose of the comparative market analysis is to assess properties of liking kind nature in like in kind areas within relevant proximity. There are three main things that are looked at in a comparative market analysis.

  • How do you determine the CMA of a property?

  • This means homes of the same size, with the same number of bedrooms and similar amenities. The homes should also be located as close as possible to the target property, preferably in the same neighborhood. The closer these properties are, the more accurate the CMA will be.

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