what is comps in real estate

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Comparable sales

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  • What are comps?

  • What Are Comps? Understanding a Key Real Estate Tool What Are Comps? Understanding a Key Real Estate Tool Whether you’re buying or selling a home, comparing similar homes can yield a wealth of helpful information. omps,?or comparable sales, is a term anyone on either side of a real estate transaction should know well.

  • What are comps when buying a house?

  • It refers to homes located in the same area and very similar in size, condition and features as the home you are trying to buy or sell. Buyers look at comps when deciding what price to offer on a home, and sellers use comps to figure out how to best price their home for the market.

  • Do real estate agents look at Comps all day?

  • Real estate agents look at comps all day long as a way to keep on top of their local market. If you are a buyer or seller, it helpful to have a strategy to analyze comps, because all comps aren created equal. If you are trying to price a home or figure out its value, you need to look nearby.

  • What is the use of Comps in business valuation?

  • Business Valuation Comps Uses. Such financial analysis comps are especially valuable when determining the fair market value (FMV) of a business. They can be used to formulate an asking or offer price in an acquisition or sale, or in the case of a dispute between partners or during a buyout.

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