what is condemnation in real estate

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Condemnationin real estate is a legal proceeding most frequently used when a government entity,or private agency with eminent domain authority,seeks to gain ownership of privately owned property.

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  • What is an example of condemnation in real estate?

  • Another example is that the government might need to temporarily borrow a section of the property, such as for building a construction project on an adjacent plot of land. Under the laws of condemnation, Jack is entitled to compensation for the loss and seizure of his property.

  • What does condemnation mean in law?

  • Condemnation is the seizure of property by a government with for a public purpose. BREAKING DOWN ‘Condemnation’. In the U.S., states and the federal government have the right of eminent domain, which allows them to condemn property, transferring the title from private to public ownership.

  • What is condemnation of private property?

  • Condemnation is the method governments use to acquire property under the laws of eminent domain. If the government can justify that the use of private property benefits the public good, such as by building infrastructure, than it can take the property in exchange for the fair market value with a pro tanto award.

  • What is inverse condemnation in real estate?

  • Inverse, or reverse condemnation occurs when a government takes over a property via eminent domain but then fails to fairly compensate the property owner. Here, the property owner must invoke inverse condemnation to sue the government to either return the property or become fairly compensated for its possession.

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