what is contingent in real estate

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epending on certain circumstances

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  • What is a contingent offer in real estate?

  • So, for example, if a seller offers a certain price and you as the buyer say the price is fine, (provided the home inspection comes back clean), you have made a contingent contract. In this case, the sale of the house depends on the inspection being approved. How Does A Contingent Offer Work?

  • What are the different types of contingency in real estate?

  • What Are Common Contingencies In Real Estate? 1 Home Inspection Contingency. The home inspection contingency allows a home inspector to make an assessment of the condition of the home, checking out all the aspects of it that might … 2 Mortgage Contingency. … 3 Appraisal Contingency. … 4 Title Contingency. … 5 Home Sale Contingency. …

  • What is a contingent House?

  • A contingent house occurs once the homeowner has accepted an offer from a buyer, but the close of the sale is tentative on the completion of some other event or receiving some other information. The contingency works to protect the buyer contractual first right to purchase the home.

  • What does contingent with kick out mean in real estate?

  • The last of the contingent clauses is known as ontingent with kick-out.?This is a common phrase to put into a contract. It means that if there is currently an offer on the property, but a better offer comes along, the seller has the option to accept the better offer.

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