what is industrial real estate

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Industrialreal estate refers to land and buildings that are used by industrial businesses for activities such as factories,mechanical productions,research and development,construction,transportation,logistics,and warehousing.

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  • What are the different types of industrial real estate?

  • These properties include eight different types of industrial buildings, but industrial real estate tends to fall under three categories: manufacturing, storage and distribution, and flex space. This guide will illustrates the various types of industrial real estate.

  • What is the importance of industrial real estate?

  • Industrial Real Estate Industrial real estate is a critical component of the global supply chain that keeps the world goods moving from makers to markets. Consumption, trade, supply chain reconfiguration and e-commerce攁ll of which are on the rise–are key drivers of industrial real estate demand.

  • What is the difference between commercial real estate and industrial real estate?

  • Commercial real estate typically involves the types of buildings most people know and use in daily life, such as offices and retail stores. Industrial real estate, on the other hand, typically involves properties where goods are made, stored and/or shipped.

  • What is industrial property?

  • Industrial property is one of the three main asset classes of commercial property. Most of us are familiar with residential real estate, and what it means to invest in it, but not everyone knows a lot about commercial property. Commercial property is built and used solely for business purposes.

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