what is puffing in real estate

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The definition of puffing in real estate,also known as puffering,is anexaggeration of fact bordering on falsehood. You檝e probably heard a real estate agent make outrageous claims about their listing,lauding its outstanding qualities,only to find that the 渙utstanding?listing is not all that outstanding.

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  • What is 渞eal estate puffing?

  • Real Estate Puffing is the tendency for salespersons and advertising material to exaggerate certain facts about the real estate with the hope of initiating a buy. Real-estate agents can be the worst at this.

  • Are real estate agents guilty of puffing?

  • Many people including real estate agents are guilty of puffing. What is the definition of puffing? : the practice of making exaggerated commendations especially for promotional purposes also : the exaggerated commendations made.

  • Is puffing illegal?

  • Is puffing illegal? Well, it isn. You see, puffery is seen as an opinion rather than a misrepresentation of facts. Hence it can be put in the same boat as fraud. That means your real estate agent can be sued if you get a bad deal.

  • What is an example of puffing?

  • An example of to puff is to blow circles with smoke. An example of to puff is to fluff up a down comforter, inflating the comforter with air. Is Puffing legal in real estate? Puffing is usually a exaggeration made by a salesperson or found in an ad regarding the quality of the item or the service offered.

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