what is real estate commission

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Real estate commission is thepayment to your real estate agent for the services rendered. Or buyers,your REALTOR鈸?s services are technically free unless your house gets sold. The commission is calculated based on the percentage of the property sold price,the percentage of which can be negotiated.

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  • How does a real estate agent commission work?

  • All of the details about a real estate agent commission (and any transaction fees the agent charges) should be outlined in the contract that you sign when you hire an agent. This is typically referred to as a listing agreement, and it also specifies how long the agent will represent you. (Generally, listing agreements last 90 to 120 days.)

  • What are real estate commission rates?

  • Real estate commission rates are commonly talked about as a single percentage (eg 5%). However, this figure is actually split to cover the cost of both the buyer’s agent commission and the listing agent commission.

  • What are commissions when listing a house?

  • Commissions can either come as a flat fee or a percentage of the purchase price and can be negotiated. An example of when a seller may not pay an agent commission is when the seller is listing their home by themselves.

  • Can I ask my real estate agent to reduce their commission?

  • There are no federal or state laws that set commission rates攎eaning commission is negotiable. In other words, if you檙e a home seller, you can certainly ask your agent to reduce their commission, but be aware that he is not obligated to do so.

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