what is the estates general

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The Estates-General (in French,tats Gnraux) was arepresentative assembly of the Ancien Rgime,the closest it had to a congress or parliament. It was comprised of representatives from all Three Estates. The Estates-General would play a pivotal role in the revolutionary events of 1789.

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  • What was the Estates-General?

  • The Estates-General (in French, tats Gnraux) was a representative assembly of the Ancien Rgime, the closest it had to a congress or parliament.

  • What were the 3 estates of the Estates General?

  • This assembly was composed of three estates ?the clergy, nobility and commoners ?who had the power to decide on the levying of new taxes and to undertake reforms in the country. The opening of the Estates General, on 5 May 1789 in Versailles, also marked the start of the French Revolution.

  • What was the Estates General in the French Revolution?

  • Estates-General, also called States General, French tats-Gnraux, in France of the pre- Revolution monarchy, the representative assembly of the three 渆states,?or orders of the realm: the clergy (First Estate) and nobility (Second Estate)攚hich were privileged minorities攁nd the Third Estate, which represented the majority of the people.

  • What is the difference between Estates General and States General?

  • Estates General – assembly of the estates of all France; last meeting in 1789. States General – assembly of the estates of an entire country especially the sovereign body of the Dutch republic from 16th to 18th centuries.

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