what is the illinois estate tax exemption for 2021

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$11.7 million

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  • What is the tax exemption amount for 2021 in Illinois?

  • The 2021 Federal estate tax, gift tax, and generation skipping transfer (GST) tax exemption amounts currently are $11,700,000.00. The 2021 Federal annual gift tax exemption remains $15,000.00, the same as 2020. The 2021 Illinois estate tax exemption amount currently remains $4,000,000.00, the same amount as 2020.

  • What is the estate tax exemption in Illinois?

  • The Illinois estate tax exemption is $4 million. This means that if someone passes away and their total estate is worth less than $4 million, the estate won have any tax liability. Does Illinois have a gift tax or inheritance tax?

  • Do I have to pay Illinois estate tax in 2022?

  • The Illinois tax is different from the federal estate tax, which is imposed on estates worth more than $12.06 million (for deaths in 2022). So even if your estate isn’t large enough to owe federal estate tax, it might still owe Illinois estate tax.

  • What is the maximum amount of estate tax exemption for 2021?

  • The amount of the estate tax exemption for 2021 For 2021, the personal federal estate tax exemption amount is $11.7 million (it was $11.58 million for 2020). This means that when you pass away, the value of your estate is calculated and any amount more than $11.7 million is subject to the federal estate tax unless otherwise excluded.

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