what is the naics code for real estate

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  • What is the NAICS code for a real estate broker?

  • The NAICS Code for real estate brokers is 531210 which is under NAICS Code 531210 – Offices of Real Estate Agents and Brokers.

  • What does NAICS stand for?

  • NAICS for real estate holding company. This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in acting as agents and/or brokers in one or more of the following: (1) selling real estate for others; (2) buying real estate for others; and (3) renting real estate for others.

  • What is the NAICS code for rental and leasing?

  • The parent NAICS code for real estate and rental and leasing is 53 with most specific areas of this sector falling somewhere under this code.

  • What is the NAICS code for a holding company?

  • 551112 is the NAICS code for a holding company including a real estate holding company that owns equity interests or influences the management of the entities it owns. If you have an LLC that doesn own any property using its name but owns or manages the LLC that do have property using their name then it considered a real estate holding company.

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