what makes a good real estate agent

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What skills to look for in a good real estate agentOpen communication. A great agent knows the importance of good communication with their clients. …Professional reputation. The best real estate agents operate a retention- and referral-based business,which means that most of their clients are repeat buyers and sellers or people referred by friends …Local market knowledge. A good agent will know what sells in your area and will know how to highlight your home best features to get top dollar.Strong marketing strategy. Professional photography: Good agents include the services of a professional photographer in their commission fee,and sellers recognize the value in this offering.

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  • What makes a good real estate agent 8 expert qualities?

  • 8 expert qualities that make a good real estate agent 1. They communicate 2. They檙e proactive 3. They listen 4. They檙e client-motivated 5. They know the local area 6. They know their clients time frame 7. They know their customer motivation for selling 8. They aren afraid to give you their last 20 clients as references

  • Why do you need a good real estate agent?

  • They communicate well and regularly with their clients As a seller or buyer, it can be stressful dealing with an agent who not a great communicator. The real estate market is time-sensitive, so you need an agent who constantly keeps you in the loop about your current buying or selling situation.

  • What skills do you need to be an estate agent?

  • Becoming a great estate agent involves hard work and dedication and absolutely nailing the basic skills: marketing, communication and negotiation. You need to be genuinely passionate about getting sellers the best deal; finding buyers their perfect home and you need to offer that little bit extra.

  • How do I find a good real estate agent?

  • Jean Gordon says the easiest way to find a good agent is to use their past clients as references. 淚f you檝e lined up a new agent and you want to make sure that they檙e the best fit for you, ask them for testimonials or statements from their last 20 clients,?she says. 淣ot selected clients, literally the last 20.

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