who inherited aretha franklin’s estate

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  • Who inherited Aretha Franklin’s money?

  • Who inherited Aretha Franklins money? The March 2014 will gave a greater share of his estate to her youngest son, Kecalf Franklin, and her oldest son, Clarence Franklin, was to get less. Similarly What was Aretha Franklin’s net worth at death?

  • Who is the executor of Aretha Franklin estate?

  • She was survived by her four sons, Clarence, Edward, Kecalf, and Ted White Jr., and it was expected that they would inherit her estate equally. At that time, the family agreed that Franklin niece Sabrina Owens would serve as executor of the estate.

  • How many sons did Aretha Franklin have?

  • It was signed by the estate’s executor and lawyers for Franklin’s four sons, as well as by a legal officer at the IRS. What happened to Aretha Franklin?

  • What happened to Aretha Franklin’s estate when she died?

  • 1 Queen of Soul left no will or trust when she died. 2 Franklin’s four sons are set to inherit her estate. 3 Creditors also making claims on the estate.

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