who inherits the featherington estate

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  • Who is the heir to Lord featherington estate?

  • After all, the two families are distantly related, and considering there are no direct male Featherington heirs, it would make sense for the estate to go to the eldest Bridgerton son. With Lord Featherington no longer around, a logical heir to his estate could be his brother, father, or another family member.

  • Will Anthony Bridgerton inherit the featherington home?

  • None of Season 1’s storylines lead us to believe that stubborn Anthony Bridgerton will inherit the Featherington home. But hey, some viewers think it possible, and this entire subplot is nowhere to be found in Julia Quinn’s book series, so who’s to say what’s realistic?

  • Why did Bridgerton give Marina’s father the featherington estate?

  • Bridgerton has already established that Baron Featherington owed him money, and giving him the estate could have been a necessary means of paying off his debts, or giving Marina’s father an insurance policy of sorts.

  • What happens to Lady featherington’s husband in Penelope?

  • Lady Featherington sobs after receiving the news her husband is dead. Meanwhile, poor Penelope攚ho has lost her father攍earns Colin Bridgerton, who she is in love with, is travelling abroad.

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