who owned the biltmore estate

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The Biltmore Company

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  • What happened to the owner of the Biltmore Estate?

  • ?The owner of the iconic Biltmore Estate in North Carolina has died at his home. Officials at the Biltmore Company say William Amherst Vanderbilt Cecil died Tuesday in Asheville. He was 89.

  • How many bedrooms does the Biltmore Estate have?

  • Vanderbilt officially opens Biltmore to friends and family. On Christmas Eve, the country retreat George Vanderbilt has spent so long planning is marvelously decorated and full of festivity. The finished home contains over four acres of floor space, including 35 bedrooms, 43 bathrooms, and 65 fireplaces.

  • What inspired George Vanderbilt to build the Biltmore Estate?

  • George Vanderbilt first visits Asheville, North Carolina in 1887. He considers the area as a possible location for his country home. A second visit to the Blue Ridge Mountains with his mother in 1888 continues to spark Vanderbilt imagination. He begins purchasing land for what will become Biltmore.

  • How did George Washington buy the Biltmore Estate?

  • George was an equestrian and was riding around these North Carolina Mountains and fell in love with the view here at what would be become the Biltmore Estate. All the trees had been cut down by that time and he did not buy pristine land, but worn out sterile land.

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