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  • How much did Eddie Van Halen’s only child inherit from his estate?

  • Wolfgang Van Halen, being Eddie’s only child, may have inherited a chunk of Eddie’s large estate. According to Full Celebs, Wolfgang may have inherited at least 10% of his father’s wealth, which amounts to $10 million.

  • What was Eddie Van Halen worth when he died?

  • Eddie Van Halen Net Worth $100 Million According to the records, the guitar legend had a net worth of $100 million at the time of his death in 2020. Besides his earnings as one of the most famous rock stars in the world, Eddie also owned several properties around Los Angeles where he lived throughout his adult life.

  • Who was Eddie Van Halen’s first wife?

  • Eddie Van Halen was a legendary rock star and guitar player in a notable rock band who passed away at age 65. Before his death, he suffered many illnesses, including pneumonia, bone marrow disorder, myelodysplastic syndrome, lung and skin cancer. The first woman he married was Valerie Bertinelli.

  • Did Eddie Van Halen have a will and testament?

  • Eddie Van Halen, like most celebrities who have a large net worth, most likely had a last will and testament prepared well before his passing. Since his death, no details regarding his inheritance have been officially announced, but his estate, most likely, was divided among his remaining family members.

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