who was the third estate

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The Third Estate was comprised oflowly beggars and struggling peasantswho worked as urban artisans and labourers,shopkeepers,commercial middle classes and some of the wealthiest merchants.

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  • What is 3rd estate?

  • Third Estate, French Tiers tat, in French history, with the nobility and the clergy, one of the three orders into which members were divided in the pre-Revolutionary Estates-General.

  • What were the estates of the Third Estate in France?

  • French society was divided into three estates or orders prior to the French Revolution. The largest of these estates was the Third Estate, containing around 27 million people or 98 percent of the population.

  • What did Sieyès say about the Third Estate?

  • (1789; What Is the Third Estate?) the constitutional theorist Emmanuel-Joseph Sieys asserted that the Third Estate really was the French nation. While commoners did all the truly laborious and productive work of society, he claimed with some exaggeration, the nobility monopolized its lucrative sinecures and honours.?

  • When did the Third Estate become the National Assembly?

  • It represented the great majority of the people, and its deputies?transformation of themselves into a National Assembly in June 1789 Third Estate | French history | Britannica BrowseSearch QuizzesGamesOn This Day Subscribe Login Entertainment Pop Culture Geography Travel Health Medicine Lifestyles Social Issues Literature

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