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  • What are some interview questions for a commercial real estate agent?

  • Common Interview Questions for Commercial Real Estate Agents. 1 Tell Me About Your Professional Network. Real estate is as much about who you know as what you know. Unlike corporate law and public accounting, the … 2 What Is the Biggest Deal You Have Conducted? 3 Tell Me What You Know About (Esoteric Industry Term)

  • How to get a job in commercial real estate?

  • The first step to landing a commercial real estate job is securing an interview and performing well. Arrive early and dress well. When you greet your interviewer, offer a firm, confident handshake, and look him in the eye. Next comes the question and answer segment of the interview.

  • Why does the commercial real estate industry require a full time employee?

  • Answer: The commercial real estate industry requires the full time of a particular employee to work in the real estate industry because there is a need for technical and specialized knowledge for working in real estate.

  • Why do most people prefer real estate brokers to buy commercial property?

  • That is why most people prefer going to the real estate brokers to get their properties because they have the required skill and experience in the information related to the commercial space. They have the required expertise and time the market information which is accurate and which provides more benefits to the brokers as well as their customers.

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