why did the third estate form the national assembly

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The nobles and the clergy had common interests and wanted to charge the tax burden to the commoners,or third estate. The third estate decided to form the National Assembly with the objective ofavoiding this and also to create and provide equal rights and to limit the kings power.

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  • Why did the Third Estate form the National Assembly Quizlet?

  • Why did the Third Estate form the National Assembly? Answer: The third Estate formed the National Assembly because otherwise the first and second estates (nobles and the clergy) would charge the tax burden on them.

  • Why did the Third Estate leave the Estates-General?

  • The leaders of the Third Estate realized they would never get a fair deal if they remained in the Estates General and thus walked out, forming the National Assembly with the goal of forming a constitution to provide equal rights (but not yet, depose of the king and lords themselves). Our experts can answer your tough homework and study questions.

  • How did the Third Estate affect the French Revolution?

  • The Third Estate Makes History. In 1789, this led to the creation of a new National Assembly that better represented those not part of the clergy or nobility. In turn, they also effectively started the French Revolution, which would sweep away not just the king and the old laws but the whole Estates system in favor of citizenship.

  • What was the purpose of the three estates?

  • The Three Estates Sometimes, in late medieval and early France, a gathering termed an ‘Estates General’ was called. This was a representative body designed to rubber-stamp the decisions of the king.

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