why did the third estate form the national assembly

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The nobles and the clergy had common interests and wanted to charge the tax burden to the commoners,or third estate. The third estate decided to form the National Assembly with the objective ofavoiding this and also to create and provide equal rights and to limit the kings power.

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  • What was the Third Estate?

  • The Third Estate was a group that represented all common and ordinary people during the time of the French Revolution. On May fourth 1789 The Estates-General had been called to deal with the financial crisis going on in France at the time.

  • Why did the leaders of the Third Estate walk out?

  • The leaders of the Third Estate realized they would never get a fair deal if they remained in the Estates General and thus walked out, forming the National Assembly with the goal of forming a constitution to provide equal rights (but not yet, depose of the king and lords themselves). Our experts can answer your tough homework and study questions.

  • What did the first and second estates represent?

  • The First Estate represented the nobility, the Second Estate represented the clergy of the Catholic Church, and the Third Estate represented commoners who had amassed enough wealth to make their voices heard in politics.

  • Why did they create the National Asembly?

  • The correct answer is that they created the National Asembly so they could enforce the constitution. Explanation: After many estates have not assembly in years and many issues where coming up to the surface, the third state which had the most amount of representativestook the charge of creating the National Assembly.

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