will and estate planning

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A willis a vital part of a broader planning process called estate planning. Key aspects of estate planning include: A will,which stipulates who will enact your wishes and who receives what assets when upon death

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  • What is the difference between estate planning and Wills?

  • People often assume that estate planning and wills are the same thing ?essentially, that all you need to do is create your last will and testament to be done with your estate plan. But there is much more to an estate plan than creating a will. Estate planning often elicits images of mansions and yachts, when in fact nearly everyone has an estate.

  • What is estate planning for your future?

  • Section I Planning for your future At its core, estate planning is the process of making a plan for who will receive your assets upon your death. Your decisions may reflect your choice to use money as a tool to support the people and causes important to you. Let get started. Understanding estate planning

  • What is a will and trust?

  • Wills and trusts are legal documents that give instructions about the distribution of your estate upon your death and the people who will carry out that distribution. These documents, written by a qualified estate planning attorney, are one way to ensure proper distribution of your estate.

  • How do I choose a will and estate planning lawyer?

  • He or she may have firsthand knowledge of an attorney in your area whose practice is focused primarily on wills and estate planning. ? Ask your friends and family members for recommendations of lawyers they檝e had positive experiences with. ? Ask your employer legal counsel for recommendations.

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