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Estateplanning is the process of deciding who will inherit your property upon your death and giving power to someone you trust to manage your affairs during your lifetime,should you become incapacitated. While estate planning is not the same as making a will,creating a valid legal will is a part of estate planning.

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  • What is the difference between estate planning and Wills?

  • People often assume that estate planning and wills are the same thing ?essentially, that all you need to do is create your last will and testament to be done with your estate plan. But there is much more to an estate plan than creating a will. Estate planning often elicits images of mansions and yachts, when in fact nearly everyone has an estate.

  • What is estate planning and why is it important?

  • Your estate is simply the assets you plan to leave behind, and estate planning spells out your intentions and goals for them in the event of your death or incapacitation. It also includes details for how you檇 like your loved ones cared for and who can make crucial decisions about your estate on your behalf.

  • What happens if you don plan your estate?

  • Procrastination is the biggest enemy of estate planning. While none of us likes to think about dying, improper or no planning can lead to family disputes, assets getting into the wrong hands, long court litigation, and excess money paid in estate taxes. So pick a time to get started.

  • How to plan your estate before you die?

  • Estate Planning: 16 Things to Do Before You Die. 1 1. Itemize Your Inventory. To start things out, go through the inside and outside of your home, and make a list of all valuable items. Examples … 2 2. Follow with Non-Physical Assets. 3 3. Assemble a List of Debts. 4 4. Make a Memberships List. 5 5. Make Copies of Your Lists. More items

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