what does nnn mean in real estate

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triple net lease

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  • What does nnnn stand for in real estate?

  • In real estate, NNN is an abbreviation for the phrase triple net lease. At its core, a triple net lease is a type of commercial lease structure that contains a provision saying that the lessee is responsible for covering certain costs associated with operating the property in addition to paying their base rent.

  • What is an NNN lease?

  • An NNN lease is the most prevalent kind of commercial lease, and it is sometimes referred to as a triple net lease in some circles. The NNN costs for a building include property taxes, property insurance, and common area upkeep for the building as well as other expenses (CAM).

  • What does $25 NNN mean in rent?

  • What is $25 NNN? NNN stands for Triple Net rent. In this type of commercial real estate rent, you pay the amount listed and you also have pay additional costs (usually Operating Expenses) on top of that. For example: say the Office Space listing you檙e interested in says the rent is $24.00 NNN per sqft/year.

  • What is a triple net lease (NNN)?

  • Whether it is office space, retail space, or warehouse space, most commercial real estate owners will employ a triple net lease to rent out their commercial property (seen as NNN).

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