what is due diligence in real estate

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  • What is due diligence when buying a rental property?

  • As a rental property investor, due diligence helps you to verify that you are getting the property and cash flow that you檙e paying for. In most residential real estate purchase contracts, the due diligence period is 渂oilerplate?or pre-defined in the contract. Some states have a period of 10 days, others 15 days or more.

  • What is a due diligence fee?

  • Due diligence fees refer to a sum of money the buyer offers the seller to take the property off the market. When a seller accepts a deposit, they agree to stop showing the property while the buyer does their due diligence. This practice is most common in North Carolina, but it may occur in other states and markets.

  • What happens if seller refuses to extend due diligence period?

  • If you need to extend the due diligence period and the seller refuses, you could be at risk of losing your earnest money deposit if you decide not to proceed with the purchase. When you invest in income-producing real estate, there much more to consider than just the physical condition of the property.

  • How long does the due diligence period last?

  • The due diligence period typically lasts from 10 to 30 days but can be extended for as long as the buyer and seller agree. This period is the buyer’s time to thoroughly inspect the property from all angles and ensure that they are confident in the purchase.

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