what is special agency in real estate

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A special agencyoccurs when a real estate agent is hired by a client, also known as the principal, to perform one specific task or duty. A real estate agent is considered a special agent because they are authorized only in that one job, such as helping someone sell their home.

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  • What is a special agent in real estate?

  • What Do Special Agents Do? A special agent is a real estate agent hired to do a specific task or specific job by the client or the principal. Note: A client and a principal are the same thing. This is the most basic and important information you need to know about a special agent job.

  • Why do you need a special agent?

  • As it turns out, they need a special agent. In real estate, a special agent is an agent hired to perform a specific duty for a client (also known as a principal). The real estate agent’s authority is limited to the specific job for which they are hired.

  • What does a special real estate agent do for Denise?

  • This special real estate agent will take care of all the steps that will be necessary in order for her to sell her mother house. Once everything has been taken care of by this special real estate agent, the business engagement between Denise and her agent will be complete, as the agent will have completed his/her task as her special agent.

  • What is the difference between a general and a special agent?

  • A general real estate agent is hired to conduct a number of different real estate related tasks for a company, while a special real estate agent has a specific responsibility or set of responsibilities to which he/she is limited. Let look at an example of a special agent in real estate.

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